Tibet is one of the most wonderful places in the world located in the Himalayan range. The place is regarded as the roof-top of the world and is bordering the world top 10 tallest peaks. All the famous rivers including the Yangtze, Yellow, Mekong, & Indus flow from Tibet and the place has its long historical presence. The beautiful monasteries sit on snowy mountains, beside crystal lakes, and Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags hang everywhere.

Tibet is one of the most mystical and spiritual holy places on earth. People of that place are hospitable and have their own unique folk customs. There are many private tour companies who can arrange China Tibet group tours.

city tour

There are many types of tours commended by the tour company and some of the common tours are described below–

Tibet Tours-

The tour companies are arranging amazing adventure across Tibet for decades. The tour includes cultural tours, photography tours, wildlife tours, monastery tours, cycling tours, Himalayan tours, and trekking tours.

Custom Tours-

These tours allow the travelers to make changes in the package and book appointment of visits to the place. Are you looking to travel to a specific place and the tour package doesn’t include that place? Customize the tour packing according to the requirement.

Specialty Tours-

Several specialty tours are assisted by the tour companies which include photography tours, cycling tours, and wildlife tours. Admire the landscapes of the place along with stunning alpine lakes, ancient monasteries, and river valleys.

Individual Travelers-

Most people travel in a group but there are also individual travelers who visit the Tibetan land for exploring the calmness of the place. For them, the special and different package is supplied.

The most iconic landmarks of the place are 1300 years old Lhasa and the Potato Palace. Are you looking to go Tibet and explore the place? The place is home to many adventures and the place is the symbol of calmness within hearts. It is the best family vacation for spring breaks. Take a bike and go for an adventure tour with a bike on the Sino-Nepal highway. Have you heard of Mount Kailash? Do a holy kora around mount Kailash and also pay a visit to Mount Everest base camp. After that, go over the border of Katmandu. Travel from Chinese mainland to the place on a train and cover the distance within very less time. You will get new details and knowledge about the place on every visit.