Some journeys become memorable, especially when you are with your children. Travelling to Tibet, it may last as long as a month and you encounter the elevations as high as 5400 meters/17,700 feet on the “Roof of the world”. If you are planning a family tour in Tibet, you must know how to keep children safe at high altitude, how to cheer them after long driving days and the most important, sowing the seed of respecting other culture at a very tender age.

Traveling in Tibet

Perfect age for children to visit Tibet-

Younger children have difficulty expressing verbally if are struggling at high altitude. There is risk of altitude sickness to your loved ones since as their lungs, brains and hearts are still developing you should avoid taking children under the age of 4 or 5 to Tibet. What is the point in it if your kids do not understand what is going on while you take them to the trip? Children over the age of 10 can enjoy Tibet now. They can enjoy the stunning landscape and can understand the importance of this great culture.

When to visit-

Tibet is not like most places it is vital to plan the family tour if you wish to visit this dragon land. If you are like common families across the globe, summer holiday time when kids are out of school is the most convenient time to travel. The summer here has warmest day and night and hardly try to frost you. The beautiful summer attracts the large amounts of travelers to this land, mainly the month of August. In summer, one can see tens of thousands of Chinese tourists arrive in Lhasa each day.

The Chinese are lovely people and Chinese travelers find the children of another country and can ask you to have pictures with your kids, this can make children feel very uncomfortable, especially when they are asked to get picture with dozens of times per day. If you can only travel in the summer, I recommend to you to go in late June or early July and now you can avoid the peak tourism time. The weather here is very cold, especially in the Everest Region. So you would not like to go to this frozen land in winter since there are many places which are closed for some time due to dire cold.

Where to visit-

The best overland route from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp is a perennial choice of the tourist. You along with your family can explore the holy city of Lhasa, Tibet before setting off on the overland route to the North Face Everest Base Camp. You can go up to the lake Mansarovar and the holy pick of Kailash. But this journey to the severe cold of the west is suitable for children age 16 and above who can handle the long road trip. You will certainly not like to make your kid exhausted in long drive to the Everest base camp. Would you? So make your trip little a short and you can confine it to the Lhasa if your kids do not like it.