Being vagabond is the grace of god. It is sign from “above” that omnipotent god loves you and wants you to see his art. It is spectacular to visit remote regions of Tibet to witness his art. Because Tibet is an autonomous region of china and it requires foreign travelers to be part of an organized tour that only a travel agency can arrange for you. So you can book your tour to any agency. Some of these areas a written about are quite remote and may need camping or staying in very poor hotels for many nights in a row to reach there, but this is what a true vagabond craves for. The views, the culture and the experience here will make you feel in heaven on the hearth.

Serling Tso-

The Serling Tso Lake is located in Tibet’s Nagchu region is very remote and high altitude lake, Baingön County. It is located 600 kilometers northwest of Lhasa and you go through rough dirt road. You find no tourist facilities in Serling Tso and to make journey thrilling you have to camp along the stunning lakeshore.

Shishapangma Base Camp-

It is the only 8000 meter peak that is completely inside of Tibet. With the most popular peak in Tibet to visit being Mount Everest, Shishapangma is largely forgotten. This is truly one of the secret places in Tibet as the panoramic mountain views at Shishapangma base camp.

Khyunglung and Gurugyam Monastery-

Are you nostalgic about the history and you want to go back in time to see how people used to live then visit the village of Khyunglung in far western Tibet, there is a forgotten cave and the part of the ancient Kingdom of Zhangzhung. This remote area is positioned near the banks of the Sutlej River and 95 kilometers west of Darchen, the starting point of the Kailash. Remains of the Khyunglung and Gurugyam will give you the glimpses of earliest civilizations. You can witness and can relate that what Tibet was like 1000 years ago.

Shelkar Monastery and Fortress-

The Shelkar Monastery and Fortress lie along the trendy travel route to Everest Base Camp, yet few individuals really visit it. It is situated around 4 kilometers off of the Friendship Highway, only north of the residential community of Baber. The little Shelkar Monastery is workeing at the edge of a mountain and was built up in the year 1269. The Monks live in this religious place.

A trail goes to the remains of the antiquated Shelkar Fortress (dzong) from here; one of my most loved privileged insights puts in Tibet. It is a hard-bitten climb to the top; however, there are extraordinary views on route. On the off chance that the climate is clear, you can see Mount Everest from here.

The Northern Route-

The grand 1400 kilometers Northern Route that links Ali in western Tibet’s Ngari region with Nagchu in north central Tibet. This adventure is along a dirt road. The Northern Route is genuinely Tibet off the beaten path. The towns along the way are dusty and you will witness the worst accommodation one can have and you can only dream about Fresh fruit and vegetables can see them here. So why would anyone like to take this route? This route has a lot of staggering mountains, many immaculate lakes, traveling groups, wildlife, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This excursion is just for the gutsy.