Tibet Flight Informations

Essential information about flying to Tibet from mainland China or Nepal

Please be aware that you should bring your original Tibet Travel Permit if you enter to Tibet from any city from mainland, and we will send you the original permit when you arrive in mainland (to your hotel) before you come to Tibet. Easy Tibet Tour will help you to buy your flight ticket before you come to Tibet. We will email your detail flight information and you can get bording card by providing your passport and your flight information which we send to you. You may get discount ticket if you come to Tibet during the tourism low season (from the end of October to February). However, you may not get discount flight ticket if you come to Tibet during the tourism peak season (April to October). You have to apply Tibet Group Visa from Chinese embassy in Nepal if you enter to Tibet from Nepal and your individual Chinese visa will be cancelled automatically by Chinese embassy once you received your Tibet Group visa and this means you only have around 20 days for your travel in China, and you can fly to Tibet from Kathmandu. First class passengers can have two pieces of carry on luggage and the other classes can only have one. The check in baggage allowance for passengers in Economy Class is 20 kg, 30 kg for passengers in Business Class and 40 kg for passengers in First Class, and you will be charged for the extra luggage. It takes less than an hour from Lhasa city to Kongka Airport, and you can see the beautiful Lhasa River on your way from the Airport to Lhasa city with the accompany of your guide.


Airlines from Lhasa to major cities of China


Departure Destination Duration (hour) Price (CNY)
Lhasa Chengdu 2 1680
Lhasa Beijing 5.30 2610
Lhasa Shanghai 5.30 2950
Lhasa Xi’an 2.30 1840
Lhasa Xining 2.30 1800
Lhasa Chongqing 2.20 1840
Lhasa Guangzhou 5.25 2690
Departure Destination Duration  (hour) Price (CNY)
Chengdu Lhasa 2 1680
Beijing Lhasa 5.30 2610
Shanghai Lhasa 5.30 2950
Xi’an Lhasa 3.10 1840
Xining Lhasa 2.30 1800
Chongqing Lhasa 2.20 1820
Guangzhou Lhasa 5.25 2690