There are endless tales in Tibet and in India; the ancient mythologies sing the songs of the beauty of this mountain and of the popular Heros who went to Himalaya for enlightenment. The strange mystery, which gives the hint of culture of this land, mixed with the air of the valleys of this vast mountain. You will never stop loving this once you come here to visit Himalaya to see the world’s highest and most spectacular mountain ranges. The trip to Tibet or Nepal is incomplete without seeing the Himalayas, particularly enthralling the heavenly white look of the snowy peak of Mt. Everest.



The word Himalaya means “abode of snow”. Many of Asia’s most important rivers originate from this mighty Mountain which comprises Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra. The Himalaya contains the world’s 3rd largest deposit of ice and snow on the planet. The beauty of this big, beautiful, mysterious, green, snowy, old and cold mountain is truly endless. Following are the places which will thrill your soul by adventure and joy when you visit Himalaya.


There are 5 countries where the Himalaya Mountains are expended, but Nepal is the best for trekking. You trek in Dolpo, Upper Mustang, Langtang, Annapurna or the Everest Region and you pass through the fantastic adventure of trekking. The Annapurna Region is the most popular all the trekking regions of Nepal. The starting point of trekking in Annapurna is the city of Pokhara, which is located in central Nepal. The second most well known trekking district is the Everest Region. There are a few astounding treks to take including the Everest Base Camp Trek , Gokyo Trek and the prestigious Three Passes Trek. The beginning stage of trekking in the Everest Region is the town of Lukla. Lukla can be come to by flight from Kathmandu. There are the small villages in the Himalaya of Nepal that can only be reached by trekking. You go through and you encounter the age old hospitable culture of this region.


Bhutan is a small nation which is located amongst India and Tibet. It has ever remained the fascination for travelers from everywhere throughout the world on account of its endless Himalayan mountain extend, green fields, profound lavish valleys, Bhutanese Buddhist culture. Bhutan is called the ‘Land of peaceful Dragon’ ‘ and has been honored with wonderful greenery.


Ladakh is lovingly called “Little Tibet” and is located in far northern India and the ethnicity, language and belief of the Ladakhi people are all very alike to what the Tibetans. In Ladakh you can enjoy trekking and climbing. Leh, which serves as the capital is the city you can start your journey.


Tibet comprises the large part of Himalaya and most part of this region is covered by white snowy beauty. There is the least population density, but the higher chances that you find yourself mangling in the beautiful frosted region. Countless numbers of tourists, pilgrims come here in Lake Manasarover and in many Buddhist monasteries every year.