Tibet is formally known for its captivating serene beauty and rich textured monasteries. Tibet monasteries are works of architectural, pictorial and decorative art. For Tibetans, they hold great religious and cultural significance. If you are planning to go on a Tibet Everest tour there are many formalities you have to go through such as PSB travel permit and park-entry permit. Choosing a tour package to ease your travel experience since travel agency can arrange it easily. In China, there are many reputed tour agencies that are expert in Tibet trekking.

Before starting off, you need to be aware of instability and be prepared for the same. Traveling at the foot of Mount Everest symbolizes the limit of self-challenge as Mount Everest enjoys the reputation of the roof of the world. You can visit Lhasa, the religious centre of the Holy Land in Tibet and showers world renowned Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple. You can also witness the Namtso and Yamdrok Lake amid of Everest tour.

Wondering what will be the best time to visit? The highly recommended travels season of Tibet Mount Everest is April-June. The weather during these months is ideal since you can clearly experience the jaw-dropping view of Mt. Everest. Although many people prefer to visit during the month of July and August, as it is the rainy season but is less likely people will able to see the top of the peak as it is shrouded in cloud and mist.

Once you reach to ancient iconic city Lhasa, you can easily avail a Tibet Everest tour package which meets your preference. Reputed tour agencies in China provide tailored made tour packages to ensure satisfaction to their customer. It is advisable, to make a checklist of things before you step out for the trip. This will help you get the comprehensive information about the place and things you can do out there. The ideal span for Tibet Everest trip is 6-7 days else you can alter the days based on your interest.

Keep important things handy since this expedition witness you the uneven variation in the temperature, so you need to be prepared for few challenges. Don’t rush the things always follow the instruction given by the guide. The good thing is you will get an English speaking guide to ease your travel. Several itineraries will be included in the package like meal, travel allowance, local sightseeing, accommodation, etc.

Traveling to Everest, prepare your list and search the internet for the best tour and travel agency in China. Since these places have rugged roads too, you need an expert driver for your car, so it’s highly advisable to choose such tour agency that has ample years of experience in Everest tour. They must be renowned and give excellent hospitality to their customers. Imagine the moment watching the Mt. Everest from your naked eyes, just breathtaking. Happy travelling!