Tibet is the best creation of almighty and I am truly convinced that it took him longest time while he was making the earth. The geography of Tibet is not for feeble hearted fellows. The frosty land is full of adventure and height and snow and more than everything an adventurer can ask. The Himalaya is like the jewel on the head of Tibet and god decorated Tibet with many long icy rivers, waterfalls, high mountains and hospitable Tibetans who would smile at you for no reason, but to see that you are a foreigner.

A call of prettiness, nature and gust of snow

I ask you a question, have you ever missed a train which was going to your home or office and you were just on the platform, about to board it, but you missed it. Now you are standing alone on the plate form bewildered and gloomy, you have all bags, packets of chips and packets of biscuits, but these things do not cheer you up because you missed the most important thing. Similarly a group of the tourist is leaving to the most beautiful destination of the world and the expedition would start from Lhasa and go through the picturesque gorgeousness of Everest base camp and would eventually land to the wintery abode of the Hindus’ mythical figure Lord Shiva, at Mount Kailash. The three tours are leaving from Lhasa on 23rd Sept, 1st Oct and 12th October 2017 and you can catch them or miss them.

Visit In Tibet

The ancient places and monasteries

Now I would give the little glimpse of what the tour will go through. It will start from Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, and will reach to Kailash and you will return back to Lhasa again. When you will arrive to the Gonggar airport or Lhasa Train Station, you will be greeted by friendly and professional Tibetan guide and tour adviser who will lead you to your hotel in Lhasa city. It is pleasing to see that Tibetans are still associated with their culture and you will visit many monasteries on your tour. The next day you visit the Jokhang temple and Sera monastery and it is thrilling to see the bustling Bakhor Street. The famous Potala Palace and Drepung monastery are waiting you there and you would discover that how a summer place of lamas’, Potala palace, turned into a center of politics and diplomacy. You go through Gyantse, Shigatse, Lhatse and reach to Saga through the breathtakingly beautiful valley of tributary of the Brahmaputra.

You hear mysterious words from mountains and valleys

You are now in the crude, genuine yet beautiful Himalaya and witness the sky kissing peaks of mighty mountains standing there for millennia to welcome you. The cold wind would say you something and the desolation of the mountain would give you the space, peace and the chance to meet real “you”. You would march forward from here and would reach to the Darchen. Your trekking starts from Darchen and you reach to the Mount Kailash through the beauty of Himalayas.