There are very few things which are as gorgeous as Tibet. Lake Manasarovar is a beautiful lake made out of melting snow and has chilled water. The cold wind, scenic beauty, hospitable smile for you on the faces of local people and visits to the epic Buddhist monasteries here impart you the everlasting energy and slaughter all your fatigue which haunted you all your life. This legendary lake is one of the holiest places in Tibet and attracts the huge wave of pilgrims, tourists and vagabonds every year. Different people visit this place with different questions and return with answers.

Visit Lake Manasarovar

Lake Manasarovar is no ordinary lake-

There are so many lakes in Tibet but Manasarovar is the holiest of them and is the origin of the some of the main rivers of Asia. This lake is sacred for Buddhists and they consider that the mother of Buddha conceived him and they come here for pilgrim. Hindus also consider it sacred and there is description of this lake in the ancient Hindu texts and it is considered by the many believers that drinking water of this lake can wipe out the sins of many births and swimming in it is most sacred. Some of the ashes of the legendry leader Ghandi was scattered in it.

How to go Lake Manasarovar-

You should visit here from April to late October as after October this land have no hotel or restaurant open due to excessive winter. Western Tibet is a dry land, you can see beautiful clouds in the clear sky but raining is rare. You can go to this holy lake by Lhasa with the help of the travel agency. This is in the western part of Tibet and 1200 km away from Lhasa. During your visit you start from Lhasa with an organized tour since reaching lake is not a cup of tea. In your excursion towards remote western Tibet, cold starts playing its role. You go through the snowy mountains, go through remote Tibetan hamlets and reach to Shigatse via Yamdrok Lake and Gyantse. You reach to the Everest base camp from here. Most severe weather with chilled winds encounters you on your way to Saga from the Everest base camp via old Tingri and you eventually reach to the holy lake Manasarovar to wipe out your sins or see mesmerizing scenic beauty or for redemption and list goes on. When you behold the heavenly beauty of the lake, it seems that the efforts you made to come here are worth full.

Unveil the hidden vagabond which is sleeping inside you, when you are still alive-

There are countless numbers of hidden vagabonds who like to explore this beautiful planet but sadly they are working in corporate sectors, mimicking like corporate world professionals or doing kinds of jobs they hardly like. Many of them are fooling themselves and saying themselves that they are waiting to make all things fixed and “one day” they will venture out. This “one day” is dangerous thing because it never comes and they finally lead to the grave. Why take risk! Visit Lake Manasarovar when you are still alive.