Modern life style has caused fatigue to humanity. To get rid of it we should plan to visit to the landscape. To witness the cultural beauty of the Asian highland is a good option.  Tibet is a great place to visit. This plateau has been preserving its culture for a long time. Even in the presence of the perennial threat of communist China, Tibet still holds the cent of the centuries old traditions of Buddhism. This land is the highest plateau of the world. 6-days-lhasa-gyantse-shigatse tour will make you feel the very soul of Tibet. Travelling in this high land will make you encounter the real you. If you seek redemption then visit here.

Trio destinations to visit Tibetan soul –

The literal meaning of Lhasa is “place of gods”. Lhasa is a beautiful place and one of the oldest cities of the world. Lhasa is the one of the most populous city of Tibetan plateau. Lhasa is the symbol of the Tibetan culture and one of the most visited place in Tibet. It contains many culturally important Tibetan Buddhist sites such as the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Norbulingka Palaces.

Gyantse is considered the third largest and most prominent town in Tibet after Lhasa and shigatse. The town is located in the Nyang Chu valley and home of the scenic beauty.

On the other hand, Shigatse is the second biggest city of Tibet and is home of the many monasteries and holy places.

Land of high monasteries and grassland –

If you want to experience the Tibetan culture, Lhasa –Gyantse- shigatse is a good trio destination. You will witness the scenic beauty of this wonderful plateau. It feels amazing to travel in the land of the utmost beauty and ancient culture. You will witness sacred monasteries and temples while going through you tour. There are sky kissing mountains which are all covered by the snow and look mesmerizing.

Tibet Highland Tours can help you to explore this scenic land. Beautiful grassland and exotic sceneries will leave you numb by pleasure. If you dare to go further east, you will reach to the Everest.  Are you having little budget and still want to enjoy the fabulous beauty of this highland? Then 6 days package of the Tibet Highland Tours best suits you. You will be given five nights in the four star hotel facilities. You will taste the food made by the local cook and experience the utmost hospitality of the Tibet highland. When you drive along the winding road, you can see many Tibetan nomads and stunning turquoise lake.  Now get off second thoughts, gather your friends and make your crew to ready to visit and explore the Tibet highland.