Travelling has the real keys to transform ourselves from a normal, boring being to an audacious, enthusiastic and lively soul. With enchanting sight-seeing, adventurous activities and feeling of exploring an absolute new world –we change for the better. No doubt, every place has its own significance, and chants a magic on our eyes, hearts and souls, but when it comes to a conventional, historic and peaceful place like Tibet –there are few holiday destinations in the world which can take over.

There is a sort of relief in the place which is no less than a deep meditation, which you can achieve only by visiting and exploring the place either alone, or with your loved ones. The exquisite site-seeing and traditional culture is something which tells apart Tibet from other destinations on the globe. Certain tourism companies like Tibet Highland Tours offer several plans on Tibet tours to provide you an offbeat vacation experience. One of their exciting plans is 16 Days Lhasa -EBC-Kailash tour exclusively for the nature lovers and adventure aficionados. The Trip has everything to amaze you, surprise you and put your mind at ease while offering you an unmatched revivification.

In this tour, you would start your journey by exploring the holy city of Lhasa which is also famous as ‘lonely planet’. You will get to witness the main Buddhist sites like Ramoche Temple, Jokhang Temple, and the Potala Palace etc. You would also explore the Old Town of Lhasa (which would seem “new” to you) while socializing with hundreds of other pilgrims.

After exploring Lhasa, next, the traveling organization would take you to the scenic drive to Shigatse via Yamdrok Lake, Karo La Glacier and the Gyantse Kumbum Stupa. Thereafter, you will drive to the EBC i.e. Everest Base Camp of Mt. Kailash and will witness an up-close view of the world’s highest peak.

In a nutshell, you would be enjoying and exploring every famous spot from Lhasa to Mt Kailash quite well while giving your mind and soul something pleasant and calming.

This all would take 10 days more or less. And then from Mt Everest, you all will return to Lhasa via Shigatse. On the morning of the last day (16th day) of 16 Days Lhasa -EBC-Kailash, you will feel alive, energetic, satisfied and happy due to the all new experience of travelling an all new world of Tibet!