Norbulingka is the summer palace for Dalai lamas, but this place was not what it looks like today. It has grown in its present beauty and glory through the passing many centuries. This area which is the most high rated tourist destination was a wild land full of wild animals and the weeds. This desolated area got the attention of the 7th Dalai lama who establish a camp here to enjoy the summer. He liked it here and thought to build some sort of permanent settlement here. And in the year of 1755, to handle with political issues, met guests and organized ceremonies.

This has been a summer place for Lamas

Ever since, this place blooms in glory and attraction and the following Lamas made it their residence during the summer time. The gardens and places were built, various rooms and other structures came in existence with the contribution of the subsequent lamas and now this has grown into the prominent Buddhist center with so many holes and large expansions.

The Buddhist message of love and compassion were erected on the walls of the buildings here and many ancient books and the relic of the Buddhist cult are stored in this center. This place also has the public park and the museum opened in 1959, and the common people can visit inside to witness its beauty. You can witness the vivid activities and festivals taken place for tourists to join in the Tibetan in this place.

See the zoo and garden are fabulous along with the Norbulingka

When you reach this place so far, you cannot afford to leave anything unseen since you have almost travelled to the end of the world. So I will share some details to enjoy this place. You will find that Norbulingka ticket is 60 rmb for each person, if you desire to see the only zoo in Lhasa; you may pay an extra 10 rmb. The park is expended in the large area and would take you 2 to 3 hours to visit it thoroughly. There are bus facilities which can use and they will charge you 20 rmb per person.

You can enjoy the diverse activities here when you visit Norbulingka. You can find various shows which are based on the old Tibetan and Buddhist history. The artists are very creative in and exhibit the theme of the show in a very magnificent way. Tibet is famous for its tea. Tibetans love tea and you can find them devouring it several times in a day. This beverage is used to keep the activeness and freshness in body and additionally, it is very tasty to drink.

Tibetan shows, tea and much more to enjoy

You cannot miss the chance to sip up one or two cups of it. If it is the Shoton Festival during your visit, now you are in more luck you can enjoy the bustling activities and totally relaxed. The beauty of Tibet is unknown to no one and you find the ideal place for shooting pictures for the social media sites where you can proudly share your visit of Norbulingka with your online friends. You can take picture of the interior of Buddhist halls and palaces of the Norbulingka, you may ask for permission prior to the clicks.