Little in this world is as refreshing, adventurous and giving as “travelling”. Whether it is a kid or an adult, a male or a female, rich or poor everyone has a dream to explore the exotic destinations on the globe and make indelible memories to cherish ceaselessly.
Travelling has everything to offer; whether it is fun, fitness, felicity or adventure – it provides us all. Furthermore, it adds confidence in one’s personality and provides him with unmatched audacity to conquer every fear!

Tibet –The Ultimate Holiday Destination

When we talk about travelling or exploring the most beautiful parts of the world how can we not mention Tibet –‘The land of Snows’! Yes, Tibet is the place for core vacations and ultimate fun. Whether it is the sky-high mountains, adventurous Buddhist world, auspicious lakes or green valley –Tibet encompasses everything to amaze you!

Lhasa –A Blissful Place in Tibet

If you ask me a place in Tibet which holds its heart or perfectly describes it, I would say ‘Lhasa’. Being the centre of the Buddhist world in Tibet for over a millennium, Lhasa which is also widely known as ‘Place of the Gods’ remains largely a city of wonders. People love to visit Lhasa due to the divine feel it carries and spreads.

Yamdrok Lake –A Pious Tarn of Sacred water!

Lake Yamdrok is one of the sacred lakes of Tibet. This lake is alleged to be able to help Tibetans find the reincarnated soul of the Dalai Lama. Lake Yamdrok is smaller and quieter than other sacred lakes in Tibet, and has fresh water instead of salt water. Its peaceful, divine and fresh water attracts the visitors towards it and makes it a popular visitor’s spot in Tibet.

Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake Tour

Lhasa and Lake Yamdrok, both being so auspicious, sacred, adventurous and wonderful places –deserve to be visited by everyone who visits Tibet or the one who is finding an exotic destination for a happy holiday. Due to this reason, many travel companies such as ‘Tibet Highland Tours’ provide One Day Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake Tour that too at competitive charges and tempting deals. One mustn’t miss this overwhelming opportunity that would bestow real happiness and contentment on us!
While offering us an opportunity to witness ‘goddess nature’ and get mesmerized with its beautiful, breath-taking views, these travel agencies also gifts us some time to spend with our special ones and strengthen the bond of love with them.

So, if you are planning a trip or a peerless vacation, but are clueless about the destination –‘Tibet’ is the name for an offbeat travelling experience!