Is there anyone, who does not want to go on a trip or on vacation to leave behind the worry, tension and insolence of this profane world? A trip in the lap of nature is no less than a magic to replenish the strength, power and what else you required in life. This vacation turns into a golden time when it is in the Tibet, which is lovingly or surprisingly called the roof of the world due to its magnificent height. There are many ways to reach to the land of snow and height of Tibet and entering into it and Nepal is one of them. Nepal itself, a receiver of the large tide of the travelers, each year, would work as the doorway to enter in Tibet.

Kyirong border crossing to enter into the natural abode of Tibet-

Zhangmu was the main border crossing until the earthquake. This region came into the direct influence of the earthquake and this is no more an entry point to the Tibet. Now travelers have to go through kyirong, a new border crossing which is still the Shigatse Prefecture like the last one. Actually, it is not the very new border crossing. People have been using it since 1960’s, but now it is in the official use to enter into Tibet. Going from kyirong to Lhasa is easy and a wonderful road trip since road is paved and in the good condition to travel by the four wheelers. But, same is hard to say about the road from Kathmandu to the kyirong. Some reports say that it is not bad either and paved up to the major part of it.

The Foreign travelers can enter in Tibet through the organized tour-

The good thing is that this border crossing is open, not only for the Chinese or the Nepalese, but for the foreign travelers also, who desire to visit Tibet. Some outdated websites might make you sad because they are still publishing that going to Tibet is not possible for the foreign travelers. But, in reality you can visit Tibet through Nepal and can color your soul by the beautiful memories of the land of Buddha. Foreigner travelers need to contact to the travelling agency and agency guy can arrange the organized tour and this make the entry of the foreign travelers in the Tibet through kyirong legitimate. This is the organized tour which makes your entry legit can only organized by the touring agency. So you need to contact them. You can enter in Tibet without it only of you has a student, work or residence permit for Tibet.

You can find in Tibet what nowhere is to be found –
Now you are in Tibet and it is the time to mingle in the eternal beauty of the mountains, valleys, rivers. You can see local Tibetan with their yaks. Tibetans are very hospitable. Collect the larger than life memories here; get pictures with Tibetans and their children, visit ancient monasteries. You feel the peace here, which is nowhere to be found.