We have very little time to spend on this planet to taste the things god has imparted us. “God has talent and made this planet really beautiful” these would be your words if you visit Tibet, which has earned the reputation of being the “roof of the world”. Tibet the mesmerizing land can be visited by Nepal or by the mainland China. You can apply for the Chinese tourist visa, you can contact with the travel agency for adventures ahead. Almost 80% of the tourists visit Tibet by China not by Nepal due to easy and fast paperwork and feasibility of accessing of Tibet from mainland china.

Once you are in Tibet you may bewilder that what to see or what to leave since Tibet is a large region and has countless beautiful monasteries, lakes, holy places to visit. The beauty and adventures of Tibet are beyond human words but I make a humble approach, how you can find redemption in this snowy, hilly, crude, holy, Buddhist land?

Plunge yourself for redemption, adventure, beauty for nature into the lap of Tibet-

Lhasa the capital of Tibet and your travel starts from here, here you can explore the old Lhasa city and can start your expedition towards the inner Tibet. You can visit the Jokhang temple, one of the notable temples in Tibet and the Buddhist Sera monastery to get the scent of indigenous religion. You can trek and camp in the remote Tibet and can plunge yourself in the scenic beautify of Yamdrok Lake, Karo La Glacier on your forward march from Lhasa. You go to the town of Shelkar from here by witnessing the old Shigatse and Tashi Lhunpo Monastery.

From Shigatse you travel to the Geu la pass and the Everest base camp, from these camps you can travel to the great Mt Everest which is in Nepal. There is the route lead to you to Saga and then the holiest place in Tibet Mt Kailash, the holiest peak here for Hindus, Buddhists and Janis. You trek here around the lap of the Lake Manasarovar while you find your way to the epic Mountain peak Kailash.

Trekking to Kailash is an incredible experience which resonate your soul and only your death make you forget trekking through cold mountainous ways to find your way from Manasarovar Lake to Mt Kailash. The lake which is the origin place of the most important river of Asia namely- tributaries of Ganga, Brahmaputra, Indus and its tributaries is epic lake and have discussion in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain texts, sculptures and ancient folk stories. You return from Kailas to Saga on your way back and then Shigatse. You finally return back to Lhasa from Shigatse after experiencing the beauty of Himalaya and gathering the everlasting memory of this snowing, icy, wild, stunning land.

Time Has Come To Annihilate Your Anxieties!

My friends, time has come to annihilate your anxieties, slay them in the beautiful valleys of Tibet and immortalize your happiness by the nectar which is in the air of this ancient, remote and hilly land. Kill your worries here, to bury them dead for eternity and ascertain the “anew, afresh, enlightened” yourself by the angelical touch of this mesmerizing land of Buddhist monasteries and of Buddhist followers who are still defiant to communist china and upholding the relic of old religion.