Nepal trekking tour is outstanding amongst other types of Himalayan adventure sports. Adventure enthusiasts or trekkers from around the world visit Nepal to appreciate and enjoy adventure sport activities. Nepal is a delightful and descent nation sandwiched amongst India and Tibet. Trekking tour in Nepal Himalayas is about to investigate and explore the enchanting spots that have not been yet investigated. It is simply exploring and investigating the pristine land, plain lands, mountain regions, diverse flora & fauna, magnificent mountains and many more. Trekking in great Himalayas of Nepal gives trekkers an astonishing prospect to make sense of how to surrender troubles of going ahead with the life in crisp sharp conditions and bursting climate condition in the plain place that is known for Terai. However trekkers will have an invigorating opportunity to appreciate heaps of other experience and game enacting amid trekking visits and goes in lofty Himalayas of Nepal.

Nepal trekking visit in glorious Himalayas has something to offers tourists and trekkers. Tourists appreciate and enjoy their chance to find additional customary excellence of nature and to see the fabulous vista of snow-topped mountain pinnacles of powerful and magnificent Himalayas. There are various great mountain peaks of forceful Himalayas spread in the northern area of Nepal. On your visit to Nepal, you will love to investigate the locale with marvelous and energizing sights. You eyes will have an extraordinary devour. You will be unquestionably amazed and your heart will be fall in love with unmatched and excellent excellence of Himalayan territories in Nepal.

Tibet Tourism:

Settled in the snow kissed peaks of Himalaya, Tibet is advanced with a few visitor spots. Other than snow-topped Himalayas it is honored with various lovely sacred lakes, lush prairies, numerous imperative religious spots, castles and cloisters and so forth.

Top Tibet Tourist Attractions: The top visitor’s attractions of Tibet tourism can be listed as:

The Potala Palace: The widely acclaimed Potala Palace is situated in the west of old Lhasa on Moburi (Red) mountain. With 170 meter of glorious stature it is the best amazing structure in Tibet. The royal residence is essentially known for its superb structure, wonderful wall painting, rich carvings, Buddha figures and valuable adornments and collectibles.

Mount Everest: Mount Everest is one of the widely acclaimed attractions, which is likewise the highest peak on the earth too with 8848 meter of height. Its snow-topped peak makes a magical site that takes the core of each traveler. It likewise gives a perfect area to trekking and mountaineering.

Jokhang Monastery (Temple): Your Tibet visit stays fragmented without going by the Jokhang Monastery. Situated in the center point of old Lhasa the religious community was worked in 647 AD. The design and the wall paintings of the religious community are incredible. The frescoes of Jokhang cloister is spread over a zone of 4,400 sq m.

Nam-tso Lake: Namtso lake likewise called Namco Lake is situated around 260 km from Lhasa in Nagqu Prefecture. Namtso is a Tibetan word which signifies ‘heavenly’. It is the second biggest salt pool of China that covers the aggregate territory of 1,900 sq km. Arranged at an elevation of 4,718 m it is likewise the most noteworthy height salt lake on the planet.

Mt Kailash Mansarovar: Mt Kailash is a standout amongst the most visited pilgrimages and peaks in the Himalayan Mountains. It is situated in the western Tibetan slopes of Himalaya with charming tallness of 6,714 m. It is considered as a habitation Hindu Lord Shiva and his partner goddess Parvati.

At 20 km south-west of Mt Kailash Lake Mansarovar is the most astounding fresh water lake on the planet, situated at a height of 4,588 m. With its awesome magnificence of gem blue water it makes the amazing and breathtaking surroundings in the foothills of Mt Kailash.