Due to Current regulation, you need Tibet travel permitsĀ for visiting Tibet Autonomous Region of China. The only thing you need to do is to send a clear copy of your passport and Chinese Visa, One month in Advance. We will take care of the rest.

The regulation is little different If you are coming to Tibet from Nepal or Main Land China

We need a clear scan of your passport and Chinese Tourist Visa (type L) for processing your Tibet travel permits. At least one month in advance as well as you will need to sign up a tour with us. Your precise tour itinerary and date are required to process your permits.

Chinese Visa must be applied with any Chinese Embassy. If you are holding type of visa (Z,F,X…) Additional documents are required from your host in China.

If you are entering to Tibet by flight from other part China, you will need an original travel permit before entering into flight. In such case we need your Hotel information including booking number and name of the person booking the hotel for you.

If you are coming by train, the photo copy of the permit will do and we will send you a copy of your permit via email and you can print it before going to the train stations. Please make your mail services in accessible in China or you can provide additional email address.

If you want to enter from Nepal, Chinese Visa must be applied from Chinese Embassy in Nepal. We will need a clear scan of you passport copy and we will make your Tibet travel permit as well as your Chinese Visa Invitation at least in a month advance. You must make sure you must have enough days as it is impossible to extend your visa in Tibet. The visa you will get from the Chinese embassy in Nepal is a group visa and it will be a one visa on a piece of paper for the entire group members. this visa can be use to continue your journey into Tibet.

Before coming to Tibet, we will send the visa invitation to our partner in Nepal and they will help you securing the group visa. Only a travel agency can make group visa. we will need at least two working days to make your group visa.