There is no greater painter than God, he is amazing in art and the Lake pangong Tso is the testimony I produce in support of my words. In the lap of Himalaya, God painted the beautiful Lake with vast area, blue water, frosty wind and clear sky. This lake is situated between Ladakh and Tibet, but major part comes under the Tibet. You can reach there from Leh a district in the Ladakh region. It is the four hour drive from here to the lake. An Inner Line Permit (ILP) is required to travel to this region, which can be arranged by a travel agency in Leh. The very first place you encounter on your journey is Lukung. Here, you eat, rest and reimburse some energy for the expedition head. If you have desire of staying at the lake, you can. There are hamlets which are called Spanqmik for the basic need around the lakeshore.

Rekindle love and affection on the shore of Pangong Tso-

If you are with your wife or with your girlfriend, this place will rekindle the passionate love in between you both. The beauty of the lake is like the fairy tale. The broad blue water and the blue sky seem like on the tryst. They are about to kiss with love, compassion and with en endless desire to glare each other out of love. It seems, you are witnessing the tryst of these two lovers. The blue sky is beholding the lake Pangong Tso for millennia and still not satisfied.

If you are a nature lover-

If you are a nature lover, you love the birds and sea creatures; you are in luck to visit here. When the sun is high in the sky, or when it is going down at dusk, you may witness the beautiful godly canvas. The different colors are scattered in the clear sky and fill it with the display bands of blue, green, purple, violet, orange and red. It is like a rainbow, and the very fortunate person see this kind of beautiful scenery.

Nature takes care of every creature and teaches the necessary lesson of survival. In the winter a lot of birds migrate to the tropical warm region from the Siberian cold region. It protects them from the bitter natural fury. Many find homes around lakeshore and seashore. You can see the black-necked Siberian crane, bar-headed geese and waterfowl here on the lakeshore of Pangong Tso. Many mammals are also seen in the lake. These birds fly back when the time comes. This is a beautiful cycle of nature and you witness it here.

Silence has something to say –

I know a Sufi saint once said that silence has words and it is the most interesting language. You feel the silence of the lake; you feel the cold wind which carries the cold of lakes water touches your cheeks and neck. You encamp here in the lap of the nature, you hardly see any person in the desolation of mountain and lake. It is you and the nature. The only sound you hear is of winds, birds and you feel it. You visit the Lake and you find ‘true you’ here at Lake Pangong Tso.