It won’t be unfair to state that the top places to visit in Tibet are the top places to visit in the world. It is so because absolutely nowhere on the whole planet, you can find such an intoxicating blend of art, culture, serenity, spirituality and natural beauty as in the holy sites of Tibet.

In actual sense, every path a pilgrimage, every destination is a holy site when you are in the lap of Tibet, whether you are circling the spectacular chapels of the Jokhang or trekking to Mount Everest — the “Holy Mother”. Despite the heavy ongoing Sinicization and the wide-spread physical devastation of the Cultural Revolution, Tibet has preserved the heart of its most glorious cultural jewels.

The top places to visit in Tibet listed below cannot pretend to be perfect but if you’ve never been to this mesmerizing land ever before in your life, it may help you a lot in exploring the adventures and attractions of Tibet in the best possible manner.

  1. Everest Base Camp
    The Everest Base Camp in Tibet provides an excellent view of the world’s highest peak. There are actually 2 base camps here i.e. south side and north side. The south side can be reached only by trekking whereas north side can be reached through the driving. Everest Base Camp allows you to see the beauty of many of the most momentous and mesmerizing places of Tibet.
  2. Mount Kailash
    Mount Kailash is the most sacred peak in Tibet. It is located more than 1200 kilometers far from the city of Lhasa. Though the peak of Mount Kailash is not so high; it raises just 6714 meters/22,027 feet but as a matter of fact no other peak in Tibet is as sacred as Kailash. Thus, it must be included in your list of must-visited place when on the land of Tibet. This is the reason that every year an increasing number of Hindus, Buddhists and the vacationers from all across the globe come to see the beauty of this holy peak. A little trip to this high peak is the worth enjoyable!
  3. Lhasa
    No journey to Tibet can be called Tibet without spending a sometime in the heart of Tibet i.e. Lhasa. This Tibetan capital city is incredible in so many ways! The best attraction of Lhasa is the site of the Jokhang which is regarded as the most sacred temple of the Buddhist culture. Buddhist pilgrims visit this holy temple on daily basis while chanting mantras and spinning prayer wheels. Other attracting places that catch the eyes of the visitors are the Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Lhukang Temple, Ramoche Temple, Norbulingka, Sangkhung Nunnery and Drubthub Nunnery.
  4. Lake Manasarovar
    Lake Manasarovar is Tibet’s most sacred lake. Not to speak of Tibet, this lake carries the unbounded charm in the whole world as it is one of the highest lakes of the planet where freshwater can be found.
  5. Gyantse
    The pleasant town of Gyantse is indeed one of the most breathtaking destinations of Tibet. There is a lot to do and see in this small town. The Old Town of Gyantse will take you back to generations where you can stroll the streets lined with conventional Tibetan homes.

These are just top 5 places to visit in Tibet but the actual list is limitless. However, exploring the beauty of these places in the easiest and best manner cannot be made possible without getting in touch with an elite travel agency. This is the place where “Tibet Highland Tours” can be called your trusted partner and emerge as you great tourist guide. Explore the attractions, tradition and culture of Tibet with Tibet Highland Tours for an unforgettable vacation!