Day Trek Pilgrimage from Tidrum Nunnery

Day Trek Pilgrimage from Tidrum Nunnery


Wake up early morning around 7am have some local Tibetan noodles and sweet tea breakfast. After Breakfast we leave Tidrum nunnery and climb mountain near the Tidrum nunnery towards west. We will see the view of Tidrum valley after around 1 hour hike.

Tour Type: One day tour

Tour Duration: One day

From Tidrum nunnery it will be around 2 hours hike to another monastery on this trek called Takten Mingyur Nunnery. Takten Mingyur nunnery is a beautiful nunnery near the summit of the mountain. It is one of the most remote nunnery. No mobile connection and no villages near by. In Summer there will be nomads camping near and lots of Yaks.

From Takten nunnery it is around 1 and half hour hike to the summit of the mountain. From the summit we can see the whole view of the mountain ranges. Every direction is view of mountains. After spending some time at the summit then its all way down, going down path are not so wide so please go with Tour Guide and get help from him. After summit still no any villages but only nature. Around 2 hours from Summit then we will be arriving at a small Kagyupa sects monastery of Tibetan Buddhism. From the villages then its all paved road till the nunnery. After arriving at the nunnery, we will have some Lunch then spend time in the hot spring pool for relax.

Time of Duration: 5-6 hours
Start point: Tidrum nunnery and ending point Tidrum nunnery
Start point Altitude: 4200
Highest Altitude: around 5000M
Cost: Free


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