Sera Utse Day trek

Sera Utse Day trek


Sera Utse trekking is the one of the specialty treks that Tibet Highland Tours offers. Sera Monastery is one of the biggest Buddhist institutes in Tibet. It was founded in the 14th century by one of he disciples of master Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tour Type: Small private group tour

Tour Duration: Small private group tour

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  • English speaking Tibetan tour guide
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Trekking from Pabonka to Tashi Choling: 30 minutes. Trail is ascending

From Pabonka, ascend the kora trail and walk eastward around for 30 minutes. Here you will see Tashi Choling, an inactive temple that is about 150 meters higher than Pabonka.

Trekking from Tashi Choling to Tokden: 40 minutes. Trail is ascending

Climbing the hill on backside of Tashi Choling, you can see the Tokden Nunnery hidden along a striking cliff covered with colorful prayer flags. The nunnery is a small structure built outside encompassing a cave which is the main hall. It is a quiet place with only a couple of nuns inside. There are idols of ancient Tibetan kings and a painting of one of Cakrasamvara’s 3 eyes. The nuns will offer you natural spring water. Tibetan people believes that if we drink 9 cups of this spring water, it will cure intestinal sickness.

Trekking Tokden-Sera Utse-Sky Burial Site: 1 hour and 10 minutes. Trail is flat.

The trail offers splendid views of the Lhasa Valley. Sera Utse is part of the Sera Monastery complex, but is situated several hundred meters on the cliff up from the main monastery compound. It is distinctly painted in yellow and the walls are majestically steep. Tibetans believe that it mainly serves as the “launching pad” for the sky burial ceremonies as the burial site is close by. Before going down to Sera Monastery, you can pay a visit to the sky burial site in the east of Sera Utse, a 10-minute walk. An alternative from here is to continue eastward and walk to several small monasteries.

Trekking from Sera Utse to Sera Monastery: 50 minutes Trail is descending

This section is a steep switch-back trail descending to Sera Monastery. You will then visit Sera Monastery and enjoy the debates among the Sera monks. This will end the one day trekking from Pabonka to Sera monastery. If you miss this once in blue moon breathtaking one day trek while you are in Lhasa then its your loss.


Pabonka to Tashi Choling

Tashi Choling to Tokden

Tokden to Sera Utse (Sky burial site)

Sera Utse to Sera Monastery


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