If we go into the literal translation of the word Kora, it actually in English means revolution or circumambulation. It also has a deeper valuable meaning of depiction of reverence to the religious sides of the Tibetans’, who believe in the sacred and the holy world. It is a source of enlightenment to them and also a path that takes them towards meditation and pilgrimage. It is initiated by the Tibetans taking circles of the sacred area in a clockwise direction. There is no limit to what all can be considered holy in the spirit of Tibetan culture; it can be anything like mountains, lakes, trees, rocks etc.

You can always plan a visit around the time of this festival if you are actually looking forward to taking the feel of the authentic culture of Tibet. There are a lot of packages that offer decent Tibet Kailash tours for you to cover all the right places in Tibet at the time of festivals or even otherwise, depending on your fancy and availability. There is a lot to explore at the time of Kora, it is considered as one of the most important festivals as a part of their pilgrimage, holy festival, and rituals.

At the time of this festival, there are routes constructed in are3as where otherwise it is impossible to make roads, or even have the access to those places. It is between the time of dawn and disk that this festival is celebrated mostly and a few of the holy rituals are even continued after that.

While they are taking round around there holy place, there mantras that are chanted and the prayer wheels are rotated alongside. This is not it, a lot of times they also perform prostration in front of the holy place while they are performing Kora. Hence, Kora happens to be a recital that is elaborately embroidered in the lives of not merely Tibetan pilgrims but as well in the lives of the regular people living in Tibet.

A lot of people while they are planning their travels around Tibet make sure that they take Tibet Kailash tours because mount Kailash is counted as one of the holiest places to perform Kora in Tibet and is also known for the same around the world. The Kora here covers a distance of 52kms and is at the height of 5000m. It also is considered to be one of the most difficult places to be doing Kora at. And it is because that the place is so difficult, it has become extremely popular for the challenges it offers.

Another important thing is that the tradition of Kora at mount Kailash dates long back and has been in demand from early times, as much as thousands of years ago. This holy practice involves the wonderful Mount Kailash and with it the magnificent lake Manasarovar that is also considered to be a fairly sacred spot.

It is not just the excitement of the festival that drags so many people around it every year; it has also got a lot to do with the trekking it involves. The roads are difficult to pass and the altitudes are really high, which obviously adds a thrill of altogether a different level to the trip. So if you’re trekker who would like to explore and add adventure to your trip, you can always go ahead and book your travel with any Tibet Kailash tours and also enjoy the holy festival at the same time.