Tibet with its mystical lands lying in the shadow of the Himalayas situated at the altitude of more than 4500m and a large number of glaciers spread around the snow-capped mountains. It is also referred as ‘Roof of the world’. With its soaring mountains, high-altitude landscape and difficult terrain, Tibet offers the scintillating beauty of the mother earth and also a great home for trekkers across the globe, whereas mount Kailash is also a favored destination if one going to Tibet. Mount Kailash lies near the source of some of the greatest river like Indus, Sutlej, Brahmaputra, and Ghaghara. It is even situated at more altitude than most of the Tibet regions at 6500m.

This place attracts ample amount of travelers across the globe. Traveling on your own or even trekking without any proper guidance can be a risky move. If you’re not interested in trekking you can visit the Tibet monasteries and lakes for sightseeing beauty experience. But traveling Tibet is usually doesn’t complete without trekking because trekking through the landscape beauty of Tibet explores the perpetual beauty of mystical lands. Taking the tour package can be a vital option for the travelers. Since it is rough terrain choose the tour that has complete knowledge of locally and provides better aid in trekking.

Take a look and make a checklist of top destinations in Tibet which would provide you rich insights of Tibet culture and let you dive into the harmonious nature of Buddhism.

1Jokhang Temple: It is one of the most sacred places in Tibet. It is the focal point of Tibetan. It was built in the 7th century of the by King songtsan. It is a fusion of Indian, Nepalese and Chinese architectural design. Travelers often visit this temple.

2Potala Palace: It is majestic red and white palatial complex, an iconic image of Tibet situated at an elevation of 3700m. It is one of the most visited places in Tibet. It reflects the rich Tibetan history and offers beautiful Tibetan artworks. Now this place is converted into a museum and is a world heritage site.

3. Yamdrok Lake: Locally it is referred to as Yamdrok Yumtso and is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and lies about at a distance of 70km from the capital city Lhasa. During the bright sun, it exhibits the shape of deep turquoise and is a refreshing sight to tourist.

4Namtso: Considered as one of the most stunning places in the Himalaya Kingdom. Namtso is the home of Namtso Lake which is the second largest saltwater lake in China. It is also known as the heavenly lake which is surrounded by 4 temples and is easily reachable from the capital city Lhasa within 2 hours.

There are several other sites to explore in Tibet and can be explored within your reach. Since the Tibet opened its gate for international tourists in 1981. It is now exhibiting a lot of traveler from around the world. Book an authentic and experience tour to make your visit even more special and memorable.