Tsurpu to Yangpachen

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Tsurpu to Yangpachen

Lhasa is the cultural and religious heart of Tibet. Lhasa is home to Tibet’s most famous and holiest temples. Each day, thousands of pilgrims prostrate around Jokhang Temple. Along with the famous monasteries of Sera, Drepung and Ganden, Lhasa is a must see for anyone interested in Tibet! After exploring Lhasa, you will do a 4 day trek from Tsurphu Monastery to Yangpachen. This trekking route will take you through beautiful high elevation meadows with amazing panoramic views of the Nyenchen Tanglha Range to a remote mountain nunnery before ending at the hot springs in Yangpachen. This itinerary is just a suggestion and can be modified in any way. Please email or call us for more information.
Tour Type: Small private group tour
Tour Duration: Small private group tour
Best Time: June to August
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  • All travel permits for Tibet
  • English speaking Tibetan tour guide
  • All transportation in Tibet as per the itinerary
  • Pick up and drop off by airport bus
  • All administrative fees
  • All meals and accommodations for your driver and guide
  • Vehicle tolls and vehicle repairs (if necessary)
  • All lodging listed in the itinerary; If you travel individually, you will need to share one room with another tourist; while if you prefer to stay in one room by yourself, you will have to pay the single room supplement.
  • Breakfast each morning
  • Entrance fees for the places listed in the Itinerary
  • One time welcome meal for the group
  • One box of mineral water, shared Oxygen tank in car.
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  • Transportation costs to and from Tibet
  • Chinese visa fees and passport fees
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Personal expenses (laundry, photography fees, souvenirs etc)
  • Tips to the driver and guide

Day 1: Lhasa

Welcome to Lhasa!  Your guide and driver will meet you at the train station or airport and transfer you to your hotel.

Day 2: Jokhang Temple and the Barkhor Circuit

Lhasa, elevation 3650m, is the holiest city in Tibet and each day pilgrims from across the Tibetan Plateau arrive in the city to worship at one of the many temples found there. You will spend 3 full days exploring the city. The first day you will visit Jokhang Temple, the most famous temple in Tibet. From the rooftop you will see religious pilgrims prostrating in front to the Jowo Buddha statue inside the monastery. Afterwards, you will explore the endless maze of markets and restaurants that line the ancient Barkhor circuit. While exploring the Barkhor circuit, you will rub elbows with Tibetan pilgrims who are prostrating their way around the Tibetan Quarter.

Day 3: Potala Palace and Sera Monastery

In the morning, you will visit the Potala Palace, the most recognizable structure in Tibet. Built in the year 637, the Potala Palace rises 13 stories and has more than 1000 rooms. In the afternoon, you will visit the great monastery of Sera, where monk debates take place each day. If you are interested in hiking, there is a pilgrimage circuit around the monastery that takes about an hour to complete.

Day 4: Drepung Monastery, Ramoche Temple and the Tibetan Quarter

This day you will explore Drepung Monastery. Drepung was formerly the largest monastery in the world and is still one of the 3 most important monasteries in Tibet. Below Drepung is Nechung Monastery, the former home of Tibet’s state oracle. In the afternoon, we will visit Ramoche Temple as well as a small nunnery in the Tibetan Quarter.

Day 5: Lhasa-Tsurphu Monastery

Driving from Lhasa to Tsurphu Monastery takes about 2 hours, and the altitude will go up to 4500m. The first day will be spent acclimatizing and visiting this Tsurphu Monastery.

Day 6: Trek from Tsurphu Monastery-Leten  11kms, 4 hours

The first day of the trek will take you through several nomad Tibet areas. These nomads live in black yak wool tents during the brief summertime. There will be plenty of opportunities to see traditional style nomad culture in this area and to drink some yak butter tea.

Day 7: Trek from Leten-Bartso  15kms, 5 hours

After crossing the Damchen Nyingtri pass, you will trek towards the left at the cairns at the crest, and descend into a magical valley of lichen-coated boulders, meandering streams and expansive blue sky. Three hours later, you will cross the Lasar La and descend into the Yangpachen valley and hike towards Bartso, a nomad village of five or six houses, surrounded by the juniper used for incense all over the Tibetan world.

Day 8: Trek from Bartso-Dorje Ling Nunnery 15kms, 4 hours

From Bartso, trek towards a wide trail leading across the valley and over another ridge, from where you will get an excellent view of Nyenchen Tanghlha, which rises to 7162m. You will then arrive at Tajung village where yaks and sheep graze.  A couple of hours later you will arrive at Dorje Ling Nunnery. You will set up camp near this area.

Day 9: Trek from Dorje Ling Nunnery-Yangpachen Monastery 14kms, 4 hours

On the last day, you will hike following the Nyango River to the Yangpachen Monastery This old Kagyupa monastery overlooks the Nyenchen Tanglha Range. From the monastery, your vehicle will transport you to the hot springs and then back to Lhasa

Day 10: Depart from Lhasa

This itinerary can be modified in any way. Contact us for prices and more information regarding this trip


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