Tibet is a vast region and famous for many things, but the beauty of Kham region is unparalleled. You can customize your tour here. You can ask the travelling agency about your plan, number of your companions and the days you want to spend here in Kham. Snow, green grassland and chilled water lake are the definition of this place and you visit here and say that God is great and an able artist.

The Kham Region

Your astonishing trekking in beautiful land begin-

Your remarkable expedition goes overland through the Kham region and ends at the Yushu Tibet Horse Festival. Starting in Chengdu, you encounter some on the best natural sites of the planet. At first you will be going through Rongdrak (Danba) region, which is home of the huge castle-like homes that are hundreds of years old. There are tall stone watch towers which rising up to 60 meters high. From Rongdrak, you trek through farming villages to Drakgo; interestingly it is considered that farming started some 250 BC here.

From Drakgo, you travel to Yarchen Gar, Very few blessed foreign travelers have fate to see Yarchen Gar, which is home to over 10,000 monks and nuns and a spiritual center. Now comes the Derge, you send beautiful time here and have a chance to see Parkhang Printing House, which makes Tibetan Buddhist scripture books. The books here are made by the old traditional way and you will be amazed to see it.

The Lake and grassland will arrest your heart-

Now you go by the lake of Yilhun Lha Tso. This is a small lake and the outcome of the melting snow, water here is chilled and views are astonishing, and resemble heaven. You stand by it and look at the lake and the surrounded white snowy mountains and you feel like you are in a beautiful dream.

You travel through the high grasslands of the Sershul region from the Dzokchen and reach to Jyekundo (Yushu), a little beautiful town. You see on your way forward, the nomad Tibetans herding their yaks. Now you reach to the sacred site of Gyanak Mani, here you see hand-carved prayer stones which are more than 2 billion in numbers and cover an area larger than a square kilometer.

Find yourself in the solitude of the remote Tibet-

From here you drive to the Nangchen, and now you enter in the remote territory of Tibet. This place is isolated and offers you chance to meet tranquility of this land. You see a deeper version of you in the solitude of this ancient and beautiful land.

The Horse festival-

Now the final phase of this thrilling trekking comes and you return to the Jyekundo. Here you enjoy unique annual Yushu Horse Festival. Giggling Tibetans on the horse back try to outdistance their other Tibetan contenders in the race competition. You see tens of thousands of local Tibetans watch this race with excitement. There is singing, dancing, strongman competitions, yak races, etc. is held and this is very much able to mingle in the color of Tibet and for some time, because of the love, laughter and hospitality, you forget who you are and start feeling like Tibetan.